About Donostia Sustainability Forum

We are DSF

We provide access to science and knowledge on climate change, biodiversity loss and bioethics

Donostia Sustainability Forum was created in the framework of the meeting space offered by UIK, as an expression of our active commitment to the response to the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity, from an interdisciplinary and bioethical perspective.

The Forum thus constitutes an invitation to all relevant agents to share and disseminate existing scientific knowledge in a collaborative and contrasted manner, with a clear international vocation, in order to contribute to the search for alternatives and solutions to these challenges.

To this end, we provide access to knowledge and science of climate change and biodiversity conservation through dissemination, training and communication activities, both face-to-face and virtually.

Who drives it?

What can be found in this forum?

An opportunity to get to know and understand the bases and scientific advances in the field of climate change and biodiversity loss, with a bioethical perspective.

The knowledge is organised around three pillars:

  • Information, through tools such as the audiovisual dictionary of key terms explained by experts.
  • General and specialised training, always with the help of experts through open activities and ad hoc sessions.
  • Dissemination, interviews with experts and technical and informative documents.

A meeting space, open to citizens and all relevant agents, including academia, the private sector, non-governmental institutions and organisations. This space is also articulated as a forum for discussion, debate and citizen participation on the solutions to these three major challenges.

A place of reference for monitoring the main international events and advances in climate policy and biodiversity conservation.

Varied programme

The forum runs different types of activities.

The Donostia Sustainability Forum offers a varied programme: Summer courses, lectures, workshops and interviews with the emphasis on sustainability, in conjunction with the BBVA Foundation. Winners of the BBVA Foundation's Biophilia and Biodiversity Conservation Awards are the experts taking part in the interviews.

At the same time, exhibitions are organised and work is underway on an audiovisual dictionary with the definitions of the different terms used by experts in sustainability. The audiovisual dictionary is available on this platform.